Our Team

With Over 20 years of experience including 16 years as optical optician, our team and I needed new challenges. we wanted to diversify while remaining within our area of expertise.

I started my research in 2011 looking for a supplier of high quality surgical telescope. Many of my clients were not satisfied with what was offered on the market, they recommended me to get into this field of optics. The main complaint was the lack of services. So with this in mind we created Optik MEDIC in 2012 after a visit to Germany and finding an exclusive supplier.

Optik MEDIC innovates by offering incredible visual quality and service tailored to the visual and ergonomic needs of surgeons. We install our telescopes here in our lab in Montreal and actually go to our customers place of business for taking measurements and adjustments surgical telescopes.

Our mission is to provide optical products and quality services while being affordable. Our products made in Germany are of unprecedented accuracy with unparalleled resolution.Avec plus de 20 ans d'expérience dont 16 ans comme opticien optique, notre équipe et moi avions besoin de nouveaux défis. nous avons voulu nous diversifier tout en restant dans notre domaine d'expertise.